Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday's Protests in Tahrir Square & Downtown Cairo

On Tuesday, Feb. 23, tens of thousands showed-up to protest for unmet demands in Tahrir Square; and to stand in solidarity with the "February 17 Uprising" outside the Libyan Embassy.

Elsewhere, musicians protested outside their syndicate headquarters in downtown Cairo, on Sherif Street. Over 100 musician-protesters briefly blocked-off the street, held-up signs reading "Where's our money?" and chanted slogans in which they demanded the recall of their Syndicate President, Mounir el-Wesseimi.

They also demanded monetary compensations for their dues and membership fees. Members of the Musicians' Syndicate receive virtually no services from their syndicate.

Standing in solidarity with the Libyan people and their democratic uprising, a protester in Tahrir Square holds up a sign - save Libyans, and kill Gaddafi.

Protesters keep returning to Tahrir Square - in the millions, because they still have numerous unmet demands. A large banner hung-up between two lampposts spelled out the demands:

*No to the interim cabinet of Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq - Mubarak's handpicked puppet.
*Yes to an interim presidential council - including two civilian figures, and one military figure
*Yes for the immediate release of all political prisoners/prisoners of conscience.
*Yes to lifting/terminating the emergency law - enforced under Mubarak's Dictatorship for 30 years
*Yes for the dissolution of the State Security (Political Police) Apparatus
*Yes to the combating of corruption - and trial of corrupt officials

The central part of the square was flooded with water to keep protesters from camping or congregating there; while for the first time, the lampposts in Tahrir Square were not lit.

Amidst this darkness, military police and plain-clothed thugs forcefully dispersed hundreds of protesters who wanted to sit-in or sleep-in at the Square. When the curfew came into effect (midnight) the authorities utilized thuggery, threats and intimidation to remove protesters from the square.

Nevertheless, another million-person protest in Tahrir Square is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 25. The people's democratic demands will be put forth, and unmet demands will be raised once again.

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