Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Photos: The Uprising in Cairo, Day 16

The uprising in Cairo, which for the past two weeks centered around Tahrir Square, has gained new ground and new momentum. On Wednesday, thousands of anti-Mubarak protesters secured their occupation of the nearby Parliament Street, and thousands of workers joined the uprising with their own strikes and protests.

Members of the independent Real Estate Tax Authority Employees' Union protested against the state-controlled Egyptian Trade Union Federation, and against its corrupt President, Hussein Megawer.

Close-by, hundreds of employees at the General Health Insurance Authority protested for improved wages, contracts, benefits, bonuses and working conditions.

Anti-Mubarak activists hold an extra-large Egyptian flag down Parliament Street which they have successfully occupied since Tuesday.

Protesters hang up a large banner mocking Dictator Mubarak upon the main gate of parliament. "People demand the removal of the regime" reads the sign.

Protester removes street sign reading "People's Assembly Street" from post; ties it to his chest under the new name "People's - Street."

Thousands chanted against Dictator Mubarak and his corrupt regime outside parliament.

Around 5,000 employees of the state-owned (partially privatized) Telecom Egypt Company protested for the second day in Ramses Street, at the "Smart Village," and near Opera Square in Attaba.

Some 1,000 employees of Telecom Egypt protested against administrative corruption outside their company's headquarters on Ramses Street, and demanded adequate minimum and maximum wages, bonuses, and new independent trade union committees. At short intervals, several hundred of these workers blocked this vital street in protest.

Back in Tahrir Square, protesters rest under the tracks of army tanks to ensure that they do not encroach upon the protest site within the square.

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