Thursday, February 24, 2011

Police shooting leads to localized uprising in Maadi

The police shooting of a micro-bus driver on Thursday, in Cairo's district of Maadi, led to a localized uprising against police on the street. Two police pickup trucks were torched in retaliation, and protesters threatened to burn down the Saqr Qureish Police-Station nearby.

The police officer responsible for the shooting was beaten unconscious. Both the driver and officer were rushed-off to hospital; the driver is reported to have died of his injuries.

Hundreds of locals then held a protest-stand against police brutality in Al-Jaza'ir Square, where the shooting took place; it went on past midnight. Young activists said they will continue with their protest on Friday - in Tahrir Square.

The officer and micro-bus driver scuffled with each other by the Al-Jaza'ir Square roundabout. Eyewitnesses claim the police officer fired a warning shot into the air, and then shot the driver. The officer was then confronted and righteously beaten by an angry crowd.

Protesters and bystanders inspect, photograph and probe the burnt police truck.

Some of those present expressed anger for the driver, others expressed joy and satisfaction for the retaliation; while others said that they would confront all police transgressions - in the courts, and on the streets.

"What did this poor man do to deserve this? To die? The police will never straighten-up; they're back to their old ways" reads the sign. This anti-police protest in Al-Jaza'ir Square will be relocated to Tahrir Square.

Over a million are expected to protest in Tahrir Square, on Friday, over unmet demands of the revolution including: the lifting of emergency law, and the dissolution of the State-Security Police Apparatus...amongst many other demands.

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