Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photos: 'Victory Friday' in Tahrir Square

Nationwide rallies were held in honor of Egypt's revolution, and its fallen heroes, on Friday (Feb. 18.) Several millions celebrated the downfall of Dictator Mubarak, while demanding the removal of his puppets - Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, and his NDP cabinet.

Youth activists hold-up signs calling for the dissolution of the notorious State-Security apparatus, the removal of Mubarak's ministers, and for the return of billions of dollars stolen by the Egyptian dictator and his gang of thieves.

Egyptians brought their families out to celebrate the revolution on Friday. Youths and families gathered around, and on top of, army tanks to take photos. A military policeman and military policewoman stand on top.

Millions came out to celebrate, to honor the revolution's martyrs, and to demand the release of all political prisoners, along with the lifting of the emergency law - under which Egypt has been governed for the past 30 years.

Estimates suggest that over three million Egyptians converged on Tahrir Square on Friday; while millions of other celebrated in the public squares of Alexandria, Mansoura and Suez amongst other cities.

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