Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 18: The Revolution

Since January 25th, Egypt has witnessed nationwide street protests, a popular uprising, and today a revolution. Egyptians are capable of reclaiming their rights and freedoms, and remaking a civil society that is independently and democratically organized.

This revolution has flung the door open to social liberation, progressive changes, and a whole new world of possibilities. The Egyptian people must seize the opportunity, and take power back from the military-institution and from corrupt businessmen/politicians.

In the early afternoon (Feb. 11) Egyptian youth converged upon the Presidential Palace of Al-'Orouba in Cairo to demand the dictator's resignation.

Thousands protested against Mubarak while the Republican Guard, with its tanks and troops, sealed off the palace. Vice President Omar Suleiman delivered a public address in the late afternoon announcing Mubarak's resignation, and his own. A military council is to serve as caretaker, until a new government is elected.

Millions of Egyptians burst into cheers and tears, hugs and songs upon hearing the news of the Dictator's flight. Streets were instantly flooded with protesters, cars, and flags.

Tahrir Square is the heart of the uprising, and the center of celebrations.

Tahrir Square, Abdel Moneim Riyad Square, Saad Zaghloul Square, Talaat Harb Square and their side-streets were congested with millions of jubilant Egyptians.

Well over 5 million protesters poured into Tahrir Square and its surrounding streets to celebrate Mubarak's downfall. Millions of others celebrated across the country.

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