Sunday, February 20, 2011

Volunteers of the Revolution - Overgrow the State

Since January 28th Egyptian volunteers have independently organized themselves to protect their neighborhoods, conduct and direct traffic, repair and clean-up streets, and even provide free health-care clinics, along with free food and drink.

Egyptian civil society has proved that it can fend for itself, and service itself with little or no help from the state. All these services were efficiently made available without the state's bureaucracy, red-tape and corruption.

Youth volunteers have been conducting/directing traffic, repairing and cleaning-up streets, and repainting sidewalks for the past month.

Neighborhood-based squads of youth volunteers clean the streets of Nasr City, Cairo. Pooling their resources, the volunteers purchased garbage-cans (of all sizes) and lined them along the streets.

Thousands of volunteers repainted sidewalks and pedestrian crossings, with their collectively-purchased paint and brushes. Other volunteers distributed garbage-bags among passersby - to assist in the communal clean-up effort.

A genuine sense of hope and progressive change can be felt throughout the country. A revolutionary awakening is underway!

Egyptians are capable of both overthrowing, and overgrowing the state.


faeraemae said...

Love is contagious ~ long may it continue.....<3

Jemmy Hope said...

Days of hope. We watch with admiration and wish them well.

Osbaldo Potente said...

Viva el pueblo de Egipto!!! Vivan los trabajadores de Egipto!!!! Viva los jóvenes de Egipto!!!
Sus Martires son nuestros

Jano Charbel said...

Dear comrades from the UK and Argentina, Thank you very much for your support and solidarity.

You words of support encourage me, and others, to carry onwards with our democratic revolution.

Revolutionary respects,