Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Revolutionary Street Art & Graffiti

Young artists have beautified Cairo's streets with their revolutionary images and messages. However, this graffiti and street art is being covered-up and painted-over. Walls and army tanks have been repainted to erase these messages of freedom. Please post on-line any photos you have of such street art in order to keep them from being erased and forgotten.

The backside of the massive governmental building known as El Mogamaa' has been adorned with graffiti and murals.

Muslim and Christian prayers for more than 365 martyrs who died for Egypt's revolution and freedom since January 25th. Bible and Quran are held-up together at a street memorial, candlelight vigil near Tahrir Square.

Family sits by mural reading "We are all Khaled Said." In memory of the youth-blogger who was brutally beaten to death by police on the streets of Alexandria on June 6, 2010.

"Love & Freedom" - Egypt

Power to the people and their revolutions.

Despite official efforts to remove graffiti and street art from view/memory, new pieces and mural are being painted across the city. To keep the spirit of the revolution alive, a number of young artists have announced that they will continue painting more of their revolutionary images and messages across Cairo's streets.

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