Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Egyptian Uprising - Day 15

The uprising in Egypt witnessed new and revolutionary developments not only in Cairo, but also in the cities of Alexandria, Mansoura, Suez and Mahalla. Estimates suggest that over three million Egyptian converged upon Cairo's Tahrir Square on Tuesday - making today's protests the largest since January 25th.

Protests, marches, sit-ins and sleep-in were staged in Cairo's Tahrir Square, and outside the TV & Radio building. Furthermore, over 2,000 protesters have moved to occupy parliament street - which includes not only the People's Assembly, the Ministry of Health, and the Council of Ministers.

The popular uprising against the Egyptian dictatorship, while primarily led by youth, also includes adults, their families and children.

Since Dictator Mubarak isn't getting the message that he is unwanted, protesters held up a sign with the word "LEAVE" written in numerous different languages.

The number of protesters in Tahrir Square over the course of the day and night on Tuesday is said to have exceeded three million.

Protesters have utilized a burnt-out riot-police truck as a barricade and garbage container. It has been dubbed "The New NDP Headquarters."

Banner depicting the crumbling face of Dictator Mubarak, and the word "Illegitimate."

Thousands of protesters chanting against Mubarak and his corrupt regime as they occupy parliament street.

Sleeping-in outside parliament, protesters hold up the victory sign. Graffiti on wall reads "The people have brought down the system."

Songs against the Mubarak dictatorship were performed by numerous artists and bands in Tahrir Square. The atmosphere in this liberated plot of land is festive, resilient and revolutionary.

Youth protesters carry signs questioning Mubarak's humanity and sanity.

Sign on parliament's main gate reading "Sorry... Closed until the downfall of the regime - January 25th Youth."

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