Saturday, March 5, 2011

Storming State Security Headquarters in Nasr City

Thousands across Egypt protested against the infamous State Security Apparatus on Friday and Saturday.

Protesters stormed SS headquarters in Alexandria, Cairo, and Sixth of October City. While demonstrations calling for the dissolution of the SS were held in Tanta, Zagazig, Ismailiya, Assiut, Beni Suef, Matrouh and other cities. In previous weeks, SS bureaus were attacked and burnt-down in Suez, Arish and Rafah.

In Nasr City, Cairo - hundreds of protesters, many of whom had been tortured at the hands of State Security officers, briefly blocked-off the road outside this torture center in protest.

A protest stand outside Nasr City's State Security Bureau was held for two hours before it was stormed.

Protesters chanted slogans demanding the immediate dissolution of the brutal State Security Apparatus.

Protesters stopped a garbage-truck full of shredded papers from the State Security bureau. As the contents of the truck were unloaded, the destroyed evidence before them led protesters to storm the bureau from its side gates.

Hundreds of angry protesters stormed the State Security building through its side gates. The entire bureau had been evacuated, and incriminating documents destroyed.

Youth activists broke down office doors in search for State Security documents, so that their corruption and crimes may be exposed, and prosecuted.

Huge plastic-bags full of shredded documents were pulled out of this massive torture center. Shredded documents, along with folders containing documents intact, were grouped by a wall - to be submitted to the General Prosecutor's Office.

The State Security logo was torn down from a wall at the entrance of the building. A sign reading "We are the security, and we are the state" was hung in its place.

A protester looks into State Security files in one of their many fancy conference halls.

heaps, mounds and hills of shredded paper were left behind prior to the evacuation of all personnel from the bureau.

A shredding machine, just one of many found throughout this bureau, destroyed trails of incriminating evidence.

Protester removes a portrait of Habib "El-Butcher" Adly, the former Minister of Interior, and holds its upside down.

In one of the bureau's many fancy halls, a young protester holds his hand up in a sign of victory under the insignia of the State Security Investigations Apparatus.

Army soldiers were deployed to remove protesters from the bureau and its torture chambers.

Military police were sent-in along with army soldiers to safeguard the building.

Hundreds of protesters amassed outside the bureau's gates in an attempt to enter, or look inside. A cordon of army soldiers kept them from entering.

Army soldiers guard bags of shredded documents, folders and files - all of which are to be subjected to investigation.

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