Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yemenis protest against Saleh dictatorship, outside Arab League HQ in Cairo

Around a dozen Yemenis protested outside the Arab League headquarters by Tahrir Square today, March 15. They chanted slogans promising Ali Abdallah Saleh that he would be dethroned in a revolution like those of Tunisia and Egypt.

Along with a handful of Egyptian activists, the Yemenis chanted "Ben Ali and Mubarak have fallen, you're next Saleh!

Protesters hold up signs denouncing Dictator Saleh and his regime, along with a list of revolution demands - demand number one is the resignation of the dictator and his regime

Egyptian protester holds up sign reading "Egyptian Front for Defense of the Revolution supports the Yemeni Peoples' Revolution and its demands. Egypt and Yemen are one in heart."

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