Saturday, March 26, 2011

Street Art & Graffiti of the Revolution

"Mubarak... To history's garbage-can!"

"The people demand the removal of the regime's sweethearts."
Image of Dictator Mubarak holding hands with (former Minister of Culture) Farouq Hosni, arms intertwined with Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi (Minister of Defense, Chief of Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.)
Also featuring Amre Moussa (NDP-member, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arab League's Secretary General) who is running for the presidency.
By street-artist 'Ganzeer.'

"February 2 - the day that Egypt was cleansed." In reference to the date of Mubarak's abdication.

Revolution in progress.

"The dictator has fallen."

The street-art group 'Freedom Painters' in Nasr City.


By 'Freedom Painters' image of historic writer/thinker Taha Hussein; with moralist message: "This country is our country." Behave - "Don't harass girls." Freedom - "As of today, this is your country." Be Positive - "Don't litter" and "Don't give bribes."

"Hold your head high, you're Egyptian." Street art promoting the "Freedoms of speech, thought, religion, expression, assembly, choice, and association."

Mural commemorating Egyptian youth and the Revolution of January 25th

In Zamalek; Mural under construction.

Abstract art. Kid flying a pain-killer kite.

Unzipping lips - by 'Freedom Painters.'

Another unfinished mural, in Zamalek. Crescent and cross - being held up by hands in shattered shackles.

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