Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More revolutionary street art & graffiti from Cairo

The graffiti on the wall says it all.

Destroyed prisoner-transport truck with graffiti spray painted on its sides. "The police are traitors" signed by 'the free revolutionaries.'

Spray-painted on the other side of the police truck: "Leave us, that's enough" and "The End Mubarak!"

Martyr of the revolution - Islam Ra'afat, 18 years old.

"I'm in prison, for the sake of freedom." Stenciled graffiti of Amr Abdallah Beheiri, who was assaulted and arrested by soldiers on February 26 - while the army was forcefully dispersing protesters from Tahrir Square and parliament. This non-violent youth protester was referred to a military tribunal on baseless charges of "thuggery," and sentenced to five years imprisonment.

"Freedom, dignity, equality and justice" along with hands holding crescent and cross in sign of Muslim-Christian unity amongst Egyptians.

"I want my rights!"

Murals in Nasr City, Cairo - by an artistic group of youth called the 'Freedom Painters.'

In Tahrir Square, artist with paintbrush gets busy commemorating the Revolution of January 25th.

Street art - with liberal/secular nationalist tones - by 'Freedom Painters.'

"Blood of Martyrs." Sign on wall reads: Tahrir Square.

"Egypt Is Ours."

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Vincent Euverte said...

Dear Jano,
Congratulations for your great blog and your nice photos.

I am a French (retired) engineer, now "re-Oriented" toward Egypt (ancient and modern), and leading a Internet project about hieroglyphics since 10 years.
I travelled many times in Egypt (11 times since the revolution) and I am preparing a book on the "graffiti of freedom", to commemorate the Street Art which exploded after January 25th, 2011, with a particular focus on "Freedom" and references to the Ancient Egypt Heritage.

I took myself a great number of pictures, but I miss few to illustrate my book. So I would greatly appreciate if I could use some of yours, and in particular the two from the "Freedom Painters". They gave me their authorization to publish their artwork, but I do not have a high resolution picture..
Should you agree, I will of course precisely refer to your copyright, in the exact terms you may wish (I suggest ©Jano Charbel).

Looking forward your answer, with my best regards,
Vincent Euverte