Saturday, March 19, 2011

Photos: Referendum on Constitutional Amendments

A nationwide referendum on constitutional amendments was held on Saturday, March 19. This referendum is the first to be held since the downfall of Dictator Mubarak and his ruling party, and was thus marked by a very high voter-turnout rate in Cairo, and other cities across the country.

In the Nasr City district of Cairo, hundreds of thousands converged upon polling stations which were set up in public schools and educational facilities.

An unprecedentedly large number of female voters showed-up and cast their ballots.

Polling station within the Ibn Nafis School in Nasr City.

A queue of youth and men waiting outside the Workers' University - one of the principal polling stations in Nasr City.

Women waiting in line to cast their ballots in the polling stations within the Workers' University.

Thousands of army soldiers, military police, and policemen were deployed in and around polling stations.

Men's queue outside the School for Reparation of Artifacts in Nasr City. Graffiti on school wall reads "The people have brought down the regime."

Long line of women waiting to cast their votes.

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