Monday, June 6, 2011

1,000s commemorate Khaled Said, & confront police brutality

Thousands protested across the country in memory of Khaled Said, 28 year-old blogger who died at the hands of Alexandrian police forces one year ago. In Cairo demonstrations, marches, and protest stands were held at the Interior Ministry, on Qasr el-Nil Bridge, and in Tahrir Square - amongst other locations.

Protesters commemorate the anniversary of Khaled Said's murder - outside the Interior Ministry. This protester carries a sign with the images of Said, and Tunisia's revolutionary/martyr Mohamed Bouazizi.

Female activists were very prominent in today's protests across Cairo. Along with hundreds of other women, Said's mother - Layla Marzouq - took part in Alexandria's protests.

Angry protesters chant against the Minister of the Interior - Mansour el-Eissawy. Hundreds of protesters chanted against the Interior Ministry and its thugs - especially in light of a minibus driver's death in police custody.

Protesters at Qasr el-Nil Bridge. Egyptian flag reads: Freedom & Dignity.

A silent protest stand was held for Khaled Said - along with the martyrs of the January 25th Revolution, and all other victims of police brutality/torture.

Around 1,000 protesters on the bridge, marched to join the protest outside the Interior Ministry.

In commemoration of this victim of police brutality - Khaled Said's portrait was spray-painted across the Interior Ministry's walls.

No to police brutality!

"Down with military rule! The revolutionaries are not thugs." Protesters chanted against the police, the military police, and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

The picture of (Martyr) Mohamed Abdel Latif was hung on the ministry's side gate. "We are all Khaled Said" spray-painted on gates. A banner bears the images of other martyrs of the January 25th Revolution.

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