Sunday, June 5, 2011

Egypt: Activists to commemorate blogger's murder

The Egyptian Gazette
Egypt's activists to commemorate blogger's death

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ashraf Madbouly

CAIRO - Activists nationwide are due to march Monday on the Nile Corniches in 18 different governorates, as well as outside police stations, marking the first anniversary of the death of Khaled Saeed, Egypt's most famous victim of police brutality.

"All free Egyptians are invited to show they are against police brutality. This is not a protest. Participants are urged to wear black in mourning the martyr Khaled Saeed," read a recurring post on 'We Are All Khaled Saeed', a group set up by a Google executive in sympathy with Saeed.

It added that the marches will be held on Nile Corniches up and down the country, in those places where the last protest prior to the revolution was held.

"Activists will then walk to police stations as well as to the home of Khaled Saeed in Alexandria," the post added.The biggest protest are expected outside Sidi Gaber Police Station, where the two policemen who beat Saeed to death worked, according to the group.

The death of Saeed is believed to be one of the triggers of the January 25 revolution, after images of his battered face were circulated across social media sites.

"The marches will start at 5pm in 18 governorates," read the post.

Aiming to help fight injustice in Egypt, the founders of 'We Are All Khaled Saeed' were among the first to call for the 25 January protests. "Let's make Khaled's anniversary a commemoration for all the revolution's martyrs," said his mother, Leila Marzouq.

Routine police abuse and torture, rife in Hosni Mubarak's era, were a driving force behind the massive popular protests that ousted the veteran strongman.

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