Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Photos: Political graffiti & street art around Cairo

Simple message to the pigs.

All Cops Are Bastards. Letters in the image of AC/DC logo. Homeless man rests on sidewalk beneath the street art in Nasr City.

"The (Ministry of) Interior are thugs"

"I am the people." Stencil of the late comedian Nagah el-Mogy

"Their weapons." "Our weapons." Armed forces & police forces VS. civilians & their cameras

US $25 - Price of an imported tear gas canister. Similar canisters were fired at protesters on Mohamed Mahmoud St. during the recent clashes with police forces on June 28 & 29.

"Be realistic, demand the impossible" - Anarchist graffiti in Tahrir Sq. Revolutionary quote borrowed from the French Uprising of May 1968.

A message of non-violent resistance - to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces

One (Arab) nation - Third Intifada. Street art borrowed from the revolutionary Brazilian artist Carlos Lattuf.

The Mugamaa' (the massive administrative bureaucratic complex in Tahrir) is closed.

Nooses hang on the wall, awaiting the necks of Mubarak, Habib el-Adly and their criminal police officers. "Retribution." Street art by the Revolutionary Socialists.

"Now I understand you." Mubarak hangs. "Don't believe the SCAF hype."

Anarchy is order.

Stencil by 'Freedom Painters' on Ahmad Fakhry St. Nasr City

"He hasn't stood trial." Stencil of ousted dictator Mubarak with a swastika on his forehead, painted on Mugamaa Building in Tahrir Square.

Mubarak pulling the military council's marionette strings

Mubarak's loyal Minister of Defense for 20 years, chief of the ruling military junta. Fascist Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi (Swastika on forehead) behind bars.

Anarchy sign on Mugamaa' - "July 8 sit-in"

The word "revolution" in green, sprouting out of the word "martyrs," dripping blood.

Image of a "Military Council" arm striking with its hammer on the words "Popular willpower." The military junta's hammer shatters upon impact.

"I am heading out (to Tahrir) on July 8." A message encouraging more girls and women to participate in the ongoing revolution.

Artist paints "March 9" with prison bars. This piece of street art is meant to raise awareness and solidarity with 170 civilians protesters in Tahrir - who were arrested, beaten, tortured and imprisoned by the army on that day.

"The revolution has a guardian watching over it

"The revolution has revolutionaries protecting it." Red Sea Governorate Youth

Revolution first and foremost

Steadfast in our revolution - April 6th Youth Movement

We are resilient!

The revolution continues...

Massive mural on the street in Tahrir Square. Images and words speak of revolutionary "freedom" along with "change" and "social justice."

"The real revolutionary sees his/her revolution through, perseveres"

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