Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photos: July Revolution in Tahrir Square - Day 5

Tens of thousands converged on Tahrir Square, to protest against the interim government and the ruling military junta.

Protesters demanded that all the demands of the January 25 Revolution be met - including swift and just trials against Mubarak, his regime, and his criminal police force; the release of all political prisoners, and ending the referral of civilians to military trials.

Protesters march and chant slogans against Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi, the chief of Egypt's ruling military junta. Egypt's revolutionaries demand that Tantawi be sacked, along with General Prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, and Interior Minister Mansour el-Eissawi.

Activists hang-up a massive banner demanding justice in the trials of the Mubarak regime, the trials of police forces responsible for the injury and/or murder of protesters. Other demands include limiting the powers of the military junta, and the elimination of military tribunals.

Tahrir's protests, songs, festivities; its occupation/liberation continues on into the sixth day.

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