Monday, July 11, 2011

Free haircut & free music in Tahrir Square

While protesting in Tahrir Square, Barber Sobhi 'The Artist'- from Mansoura - offers his hairdo services free of charge. You can also have your photo taken while having your hair trimmed. Kid with apron takes a haircut and a photo-shoot; holds a sign reading: "Shave me, thank you."

Assistant holds up a sign reading "Free haircut - Barber of the Revolution." There are a couple of other revolutionary barbers in the square, who also provide free haircuts for protesters.

Arabic rock-fusion band (didn't catch their name) performing on the Omar Makram stage in Tahrir square.

Songs speak of freedom, the fight against corruption, and presidential candidates, along with other issues/concerns.

Many fine performers - including: Ramy Essam, Mariam & Abu, Iskenderella, Mostafa Saeed, amongst others - have played on this stage throughout the revolution.

Traditional Egyptian sing-along. Little circles of musicians, singers and clappers play in and around the square.

Just like this sign says.

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