Saturday, July 23, 2011

Peaceful protest march ambushed; 200+ injured

Thousands of protesters marched peacefully from Tahrir Square, on their way to the military junta's HQs in eastern Cairo, on the evening of July 23. However, an army roadblock - set up hours earlier, on Ramses St. - in the neighborhood of Abbassiya prevented the protest march from advancing.

Angry local residents emerged from the side-streets of the neighborhood (along with hired thugs, and plain-clothed police) and quickly moved to hurl rocks at the peaceful protesters; knives and swords were brandished, while glass-bottles, Molotovs and bricks came raining-down from balconies.

In self-defense, hundreds of protesters fought back with rocks. A cordon of riot police was immediately deployed in the rear. Abbassiya residents, (along with thugs from other neighborhoods) positioned themselves behind the police and began hurling rocks, bottles, and petrol bombs over the cordon, at the protesters. The riot police then fired several teargas canisters at the protesters.

Some 200 activists, and dozens of local residents/thugs, were injured in these clashes. Several protesters were reported to be arrested; along with the abduction and disappearance of Activist/Blogger Amr Gharbeia.

The ruling military junta, along with the Ministry of Interior (and their hired thugs,) ambushed this otherwise peaceful protest march. The security forces chose to block traffic in central Cairo for hours, to instigate attacks upon the protesters, to pose as peace-keepers, and then to blame the violence upon the protesters.

Thousands of protesters marched back to Tahrir Square - to continue with the July8 sit-in, and to plan for the upcoming struggles; to defend the January 25 Revolution, and its democratic demands.

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Gourmet said...

Violence against violence will not solve the problem...

"An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind" by M.K. Gandhi

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