Friday, September 9, 2011

Photos: Protests & Clashes Outside Zionist Embassy

Several thousand angry protesters destroyed the concrete barriers recently constructed around the Zionist embassy.

Youth activists chant and hold up signs/banners demanding the closure of the Zionist embassy in Cairo. Thousands of activists (from all political tendencies) demanded the scrapping of the Camp David Accords, cessation of gas exports to Israel, cancellation of Egypt's partnership with Israel in the Qualified Industrial Zones/QIZs, and the end of Zionist occupation/aggression.

Young activists climbed up the walls of this building housing the Israeli embassy and tore down the Zionist flag. Others activists were able to penetrate the embassy and threw hundreds of its documents out of its windows to protesters below.

Over 400 injuries were reported on the night of Sept. 9 and the following morning. At least two deaths were also reported.

Hundreds of army troops blocked and guarded the entrance to the Zionist embassy. Thousands riot police forces were also deployed around the embassy. Police forces repeatedly attacked the activists around the embassy, and thus came under heavy attack themselves.

A police truck ran over an activist behind the Israeli embassy, youth protesters torched two of the Central Security Forces' paddy wagons in retaliation.

Central Security Forces waved Egyptian flags at angry protesters who congregated outside the Giza Police Department. In order to calm these protesters down, CSF officers chanted "the police and people are one."

CSF trucks burn. Protesters also hurled rocked and stones at the nearby Saudi Arabian Embassy. A few windows were shattered as activists chanted against the Saudi government and its role as the leading counter-revolutionary force in the Arab World.

Activists climbed on top of armored personnel carriers and chanted slogans against Israel, Egypt's police forces and the ruling military junta. Other chanted slogans in solidarity with the Egyptian army.

Clashes escalated between police forces and youth activists later in the night and morning leaving hundreds injured; over a dozen arrests were also reported.

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