Thursday, September 29, 2011

Egypt protesters call for end to 'Emergency Law'

Associated Press
Egypt protesters call for end to 'Emergency Law'

Sept. 16, 2011

CAIRO — Several hundred people are demonstrating in Cairo against a decision by Egypt's military rulers to enforce and expand the widely despised Emergency Law.

The law, in place for over three decades, allows civilians to be tried in state security courts and detained indefinitely. Its cancellation was a key demand in protests that toppled former President Hosni Mubarak in February.

Protesters Friday held a banner that said: "No to Emergency Law. No to military trials. No to military rule."

Amnesty International called the expansion of the law the greatest erosion of human rights since Mubarak's resignation, noting it now includes bans on blocking roads and broadcasting rumors.

Friday's protest was much smaller than last week's, which was followed by ransacking of the Israeli Embassy.

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