Monday, September 5, 2011

In Photos: The Revolutionaries of Benghazi

Libyan revolutionaries stand guard underneath anti-Qaddafi graffiti, outside the courthouse in Benghazi.

February 17 revolutionary forces in reclaimed station.

Revolutionary youth with Kalashnikov and victory sign.

Burnt cars in the Qaddafi Brigades HQs. 'Long Live Benghazi!'

Photos, posters and banners of thousands of revolutionary martyrs line the walls of the Supreme Court, and Horreya Square in Benghazi.

Libyan man pays his respects to the thousands of fallen revolutionaries.

Revolutionary youth back from the front-lines.

Officer leads military drills and exercises in Horreya Square.

Suleiman Basha. This kind and hospitable revolutionary drove us around Benghazi; he helped us find, reserve and pay for hotel rooms.

Young and old revolutionaries on main stage.

Young Libyan revolutionary stands on top of captured army tank.

Cute and tiny revolutionary does not seem happy with this assault rifle.

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