Sunday, April 10, 2011

Revolution Continues in Tahrir Square, April 10

On April 10, a day after the army's fatal raid on peaceful protesters in Tahrir, demonstrations took place throughout the day and night within the barricaded square. Angry protesters chanted slogans demanding the prosecution of Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi, Chief of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, for the assault and murder of Tahrir's revolutionaries.

Tahrir Square was sealed off to all traffic - so as to safeguard the peaceful protesters from the attacks of the army, military police and central security forces.

Effigy of Tantawi hangs from a traffic-light post in Tahrir. Tantawi, Mubarak's loyalist Minister of Defense for 20 years, has shielded the fallen dictator from trial, while his military junta has placed thousands of Egyptian civilians on trial before military tribunals - and continues to do so.

"Experience the revolution" graffiti in Tahrir Square.

Young protesters marching through the square while chanting slogans calling for the trials of Mubarak and Tantawi.

Good advice from this revolutionary street artist.

Tens of thousands of activists, and curious passersby, converged on Tahrir throughout the day and night.

Young activist sits on top of the remains of his PA speakers, sound controllers, and mixer. According to the disappointed youth "Tantawi's army destroyed my equipment here, it was worth over LE 50,000" (more than $US 8,300.)

Twelve year old boy, clubbed in the face by army troops. His swollen eye, and the numerous stitches in his face, indicate the indiscriminate brutality of Tantawi's armed forces. Tantawi's military council ordered the beatings of all in the square - men, women, children and the elderly.

Shortly after the curfew came into effect at 2am, [April 9] the army opened fire intensely in the air, while at least one protester was killed by their live ammunition. Activist report that at least two (if not seven) were shot, stabbed with bayonets, or beaten to death. Several arrests were also reported. This violence on the part of the armed forces and Central Security Forces led to the torching of two army lorries, and a small bus.

This small bus, said to be carrying army personnel at the time of their assault, was torched. Its remains are being used as a makeshift garbage can.

"The Corruption Movie - Part 2. Starring the Field Marshall" reads the graffiti on the side panels of this burnt-down army lorry.

This other (smashed-up and burnt-down) army lorry is being used as a barricade/defensive barrier.

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