Friday, April 1, 2011

Tahrir Square Stands for Defense of the Revolution

The largest protest since the downfall of Hosni Mubarak took place on Friday, April 1. Tens of thousands poured into Tahrir Square throughout the day to stand in defense of the Revolution, and to protest for its unmet demands.

The foremost demand, amongst the unmet demands of the revolution: the trial of Hosni Mubarak along with his corrupt henchmen Fathi Surour (former President of Parliament), Safwat el-Sherif (former-President of the Shoura Council), and Zakaria Azmi (former Chief-of-staff.)

Thousands of protesters chanted for the immediate resignation of Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi, chief of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces. Serving as Mubarak's defense minister for the past 20 years, Tantawi is currently shielding the dictator and his henchmen from justice, while ordering the trials of countless civilians before military tribunals.

Protesters demanded an end to torture and military tribunals, along with the termination of the Emergency Law (which has been in effect for the past 30 years,) and the release of all political prisoners. Thousands also chanted against the interim-government's draft law to criminalize strikes - with penalties of hefty fines and/or imprisonment.

The revolutionaries of Tahrir Square voiced their solidarity with the popular uprisings sweeping through the Arab World.

The flags of Palestine and Iraq were fluttering throughout Tahrir Square; while protesters chanted slogans in support of the uprisings in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria and Jordan.

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