Friday, April 8, 2011

Largest Protest Since Mubarak's Abdication

Around one million Egyptians showed up to protest in Tahrir Square on Friday. Protesters again demanded the immediate arrest and trial of Hosni Mubarak and family, and called for the dissolution of Mubarak's National 'Democratic' Party.

The dictator and his family stood trial before a popular tribunal (in absentia) in Tahrir Square. The fallen dictator was charged with the murder of protesters, systematic corruption, misappropriation of state-owned lands and public finances, along with complicity in the Israeli siege on Gaza, amongst other charges.

Slogans and chants against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) resounded throughout Tahrir Square. The chief of the SCAF, Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi was subjected to scathing criticism in speeches delivered during the protests.

Thousands chanted against the SCAF's military tribunals, its torture and abuse, along with its assaults on striking workers.

Hundreds of thousands packed the square and its environs.

The largest protest in Tahrir Square since Mubarak's abdication.

The protests against Mubarak and the remnants of his regime are now being coupled with protests against the interim government of Essam Sharaf and the SCAF.

Under the interim government and SCAF, over 5,000 civilians have been subjected to swift trials before military tribunals - with no right to appeal; While only a handful of Mubarak's corrupt ministers officials are being prosecuted - before civilian courts, with the right to appeal. As for Mubarak and his family, they stand before no court whatsoever.

Youth from Djibouti showed up in Tahrir to express their solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution. Libyan protesters were also present, along with others from Syria, Bahrain and Yemen. Thousands of Egyptians chanted slogans in solidarity with the uprisings in all these countries.

Musicians performed songs in support of Egypt's ongoing revolution.

Friday's "million person protest" carried on strong throughout the day and night. Hundreds of protesters remained in the square past curfew. However, at around 3am hundreds of army soldiers and police forces beat protesters out of the square, and arrested others.

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