Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 26 - Second Day of Rage & Street Protests

In a number of Egyptian cities, tens of thousands are reported to have protested against the Mubarak regime for the second consecutive day. In Cairo several thousand took to the streets in marches and protest stands were they demanded the resignation and exile of Dictator Mubarak, along with his family and government.

Throughout the day, protests and clashes with police took place in numerous locations across the city. Hundreds of arrests were reported as police struggled to crush these street protests. Police tactics on this second day were clearly more intolerant, oppressive, violent and brutal.

At night in Downtown Cairo nearly 1,000 protested outside and within the Lawyers' Syndicate. Bystanders were shoved-off and threatened with arrest.

Just across the corner around 200 conducted a protest stand outside the Journalists' Syndicate. Teargas filled the air, while countless protesters and passersby were pushed and beaten away.

On Qasr el-Nil Bridge plain-clothed policemen arrested scores of youth protesters who were beaten, insulted and cursed before being shoved into police vans and driven-away.

On Suleiman Pasha street protesters set tires on fire and hurled rocks at riot police. Riot police attacked with their batons, hurled rocks back and fired teargas at the protesters.

In the neighborhoods of Bulaq Abul-Ela and Wekalet al-Balah, protesters bravely fought against riot police and their armored vehicles. Two were reported killed in these clashes, while nearly 100 were injured and/or arrested - including tens of journalists and photographers.

Larger protests against are planned for Friday and Saturday.


Anonymous said...

red and black greetings!

What is going on in Egypt right now is an inspiration to us all around the world. Good luck!

Jano Charbel said...

Dear Comrade Class-Matters,

Your messages and actions of solidarity abroad are an additional inspiration to us in Egypt.

Thank you so much!

Revolutionary respects,