Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Protest Stand for Release of 8 Solidarity Activists

Around 200 Egyptians - including Muslims, Christians, and Atheists - protested outside the General Prosecutor's Office on Wednesday evening for the release of eight peaceful Muslim activists arrested since Monday.

Protesters carried signs reading "If solidarity with Copts is a criminal offense, then I plead guilty" and "Muslim or Coptic is not the issue - same oppression and same burdens."

Demonstrators chanted for national unity and against sectarianism. One slogan (in Arabic) went "My name is Mina and my brother is Hussein, we are one not two."

While slogans were chanted against President/Dictator Hosni Mubarak, and the Minister of Interior Habib "El Butcher" Adly.

These eight youth activists had been peacefully protesting in solidarity with Coptic Christian protesters in Cairo's district of Shubra -- on the night of January 3 -- when they were arrested. Police officers have leveled trumped-up charges against these non-violent activists, including the destruction of public and private property.

Another protest in solidarity with these praiseworthy activists is scheduled for Thursday - January 6th, at 9am - outside the Galaa' Court, to which they are being referred.

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