Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 3 - Police Attack Tanta Flax Workers

Around 450 workers from the Tanta Flax & Oils Co. protested outside the Council of Ministers for the third consecutive day on Wed. (Feb. 10) In the hopes of having their voices heard, these desperate workers traveled from their homes in the Nile Delta to sleep-in on the cold sidewalk facing the prime minister's office.

Some 850 company workers have been on strike for 33 days (since Jan. 9) protesting the forced dismissal of their local union president, Salah Mosallam; in response to this strike the company's administration swiftly imposed a lock-out. All raw materials were removed, and all production lines were frozen.

Amongst numerous unheeded demands, the workers are demanding either the re-operation of the company, or its liquidation - with adequate severance pay, and benefits.

Policemen attacked workers as they set up tents outside the Council of Ministers. Police forces assaulted and injured Hisham el-Oqal, member of the local trade union council, with batons and boots.

The Police also assaulted five solidarity activists and briefly arrested three of them.

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