Saturday, February 20, 2010

Protesting Mubarak's "Wall of Shame"

Around 200 hundred activists converged upon the Journalists' Syndicate in downtown Cairo - on the evening of Saturday, February 17 - to protest against the Egyptian government's "Wall of Shame" along the border with the Gaza Strip. Slogans called for - bringing down the wall, and bringing down Mubarak.

Similar anti-wall demonstrations were held in Beirut. Earlier demonstrations against Egypt's "Wall of Shame" were held in a numerous cities - from London to Jakarta.

The old puppet/Dick-tator Hosni Mubarak authorized the construction of an underground iron barrier, some 30 meters deep, in order to cut off all tunnels/smuggling between Gaza and Egypt's border town of Rafah. The Mubarak Dick-tatorship has kept closed the Rafah border crossing since 2007 - when the Hamas resistance movement took over the Gaza Strip.

The Egyptian dick-tatorship is not only oppressing its own people, it is also besieging some 1.5 million Gazans. The Egyptian government exports its subsidized natural gas to Apartheid Israel via a direct pipeline, while simultaneously denying Gazans access to fuel.

Following the demonstration tens of activists went to visit, and express solidarity with, 400 striking Tanta Flax workers who were on their sixth day of their protest/sleep-in outside the Council of Ministers.

Their protest is ongoing.

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