Monday, February 22, 2010

Tanta Flax Workers Continue Demo - Parliament Adjourns Discussion

Around 200 workers from the Tanta Flax & Oils Company demonstrated outside parliament today - Monday, February 22 - in hopes of being issued a resolution to end their deadlock with the company's administration.

The workers were informed that parliament would postpone this session till next Monday - March 1.

Some 850 workers at the company went on strike 45 days ago (since January 9)in response to the sacking of their local union president, Salah Mosallam. The company's administration swiftly responded by imposing a lockout.

In response, around 400 Tanta Flax workers relocated their demonstration to the Council of Ministers in downtown Cairo - where they have been sleeping-in for 15 days (since February 8.)

The wives and children of these workers were, again, bussed-in today to partake in the ongoing demo. These workers expressed their willingness to continue with their demo, not only for a week, but for several more months if need be.

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