Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kifaya Activists Stage Demo in Solidarity with the Opposition Ghad Party which was Torched Last Thursday

A small demonstration of fewer than 100 activists from the (left-leaning political opposition umbrella movement) Kifaya, the Revolutionary Socialists, the Social Democratic Party, and others was staged outside the Journalists’ Syndicate in Downtown Cairo on Monday night, November 10 – after security apparatuses had forcefully dispersed activists who congregated by the torched Ghad Party Headquarters in Talaat Harb Square. At least three activists were arrested at the square and detained (including two women – Janette Abdel Aleem and Safaa Soliman.)

Police officers denied access to all activists and journalists who attempted to assemble at the square. I managed to take one photo of the security forces which had been deployed outside the Ghad Party HQ when an officer instantly shouted at me: “Give me your camera! Who are you? What are you doing here?” I told the officer that I was a journalist; he demanded my press card – I gave it to him and he, in turn, passed it to his senior officer. After a couple minutes a junior officer handed me back my press card, told me that I had to leave immediately, and escorted me away from the square.

Having been dispersed from Talaat Harb Square, activists began to converge upon the Journalists’ Syndicate where they chanted slogans in solidarity with (the imprisoned Ghad Party Leader) Ayman Nour; and against the Interior Ministry to the effect that the security apparatuses had been accomplices to this crime, and that they had aided and abetted the arson attack upon this opposition party - which took place in broad daylight. Further slogans were chanted against President Mubarak and his dictatorial policies.

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