Monday, November 3, 2008

Independence for Egypt's Trade Unions: Recommendations from the CTUWS for the Formulation of a New Trade Union Law

This is a “Declaration of Principles” that I received from the (independent) Center for Trade Union & Workers’ Services. It includes criticisms of the Egyptian State’s intervention in trade union affairs, along with a number of recommendations for the formulation of a new trade union law – in replacement of restrictive and repressive Trade Union Law 35/1976.

It calls upon the Egyptian State to uphold the provisions of ILO Conventions 87 & 98 (Concerning Freedom of Association & Protection of the Right to Organize, and Concerning the Right to Organize & Collective Bargaining – respectively) which Egypt willfully ratified in the 1950s, yet fails to respect. The CTUWS demands structural and administrative freedoms for Egypt’s trade unions (including freedom from the state-controlled Egyptian Trade Union Federation – the only such federation allowed for by domestic law), the right to (legally) strike, the right to freely elect union representatives, the right to collective bargaining, and arbitration with the state & capital.

إعلان مبـادئ الإطار التشريعى للعمل النقابى العمالى- معايير التعديل المفترض

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