Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Apartheid-Zionism Imposes Collective Punishment on the Entire Gaza Strip; Meanwhile the Egyptian State Supplies Zionists with Constant Flow of Fuel


Gaza, 11 Nov. (AKI) - Israel's Defence Minister, Ehud Barak has agreed to partially lift Israel's suspension of fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip's sole power plant, Israel Radio reported on Tuesday.

The move followed an appeal by Middle East Quartet envoy Tony Blair. Most of Gaza City was plunged into darkness late on Monday.

Israeli authorities blocked the shipment of food, fuel and gas supplies to Gaza after renewed clashes between Palestinian militants and Israeli forces over the past week broke an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire in place since June.

Gaza's border crossing will remain sealed for all other purposes, the Israeli authorities said.

The Gaza City plant provides about a quarter of the Gaza Strip's electricity and more than half the electricity used by the city itself.

The rest of the territory's power supplies come directly from Israel via power lines.

The United Nations has described the fuel shortages as "real and serious".


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