Monday, October 13, 2014

Graffiti of resistance on walls of Tunis city

Fuck the system

You've starved us - Anarchy is order

Occupy the streets

The streets belong to us

 Workers' Party

All Cops Are Bastards

*Photos by Jano Charbel

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caiman said...

Hi Jano

Good post, I liked the graffiti!

Could I possibly ask you for some quotes for a Vice UK article on freedom of protest across the world? It'd be a good platform to respond to the recent legislation by al'Sisi that threatens any sort of street protest with a military trial.

BTW we met once at your talk in Berlin last summer, where we talked about SolFed in the UK.

Let me know an email where I can send you the questions. it'll only short: 3-4 questions.