Monday, May 2, 2011

Awareness-Raising Graffiti & Street Art in Downtown Cairo

Young activists/artists are raising awareness regarding the systematic human rights violations perpetrated by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. These photos are from a street-art campaign in downtown Cairo (Mahmoud Bassiouny St.) which took place on May 1.

Anti-police street-art.

Collective mural mocking the Mubarak Family, denouncing normalization with Israel, and calling for the release of (civilian/non-military) political activists sentenced to prison by military tribunals.

No to military tribunals.

Stencil of political activist Amr el-Beheiri who is serving a five year prison sentence issued by a military tribunal.

Stencils of Amr Eissa, another youth activist who is imprisoned by virtue of a military tribunal's verdict. Drawings and sketches made by Eissa while in prison were displayed on tables, bulletin-boards and sidewalks.

Street-art honoring one of the 850+ martyrs of the January 25th Revolution.

Down with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. No to military rule.

The dignity of Egyptians is worth a lot to me.

Songs were sung in support of freedom, democracy, human rights and the ongoing revolution.

"Freedom for the revolutionaries imprisoned on March 9." The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces ordered collective roundups of activists on February 26, March 6, March 9, April 9, and April 12. Thousands of civilians are languishing in prisons due to other verdicts issued by military tribunals - in which defendants are stripped of their rights to due process, and/or the right of appeal.


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