Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mud & dirt cakes for Mubarak on his birthday

On the 83rd birthday of Hosni Mubarak, protesters held a mock-celebration for the ousted dictator/birthday-boy in Tahrir Square.

A mud cake with a shoe was offered. Activists chanted slogans including: "let's cheer for the father of corruption, for his birthday is the filthiest of occasions!" and "enjoy Tora Prison, it's very nice there!"

Another treat, a layered-dirt cake with spent bullet-casings (instead of candles) was offered to the fallen tyrant. Protesters also offered Mubarak and his sons an excursion to Tahrir Square - for sight-seeing and execution.

"I want my rights back, Hosni robbed me." Protesters also called for the trial of "Mama Suzanne" (Mubarak.)

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