Saturday, June 29, 2013

Egypt tops the world in terms of protests

Daily News Egypt

Egypt sees 5,544 demonstrations in first 5 months of 2013: report

There have been 1,300 demonstrations across Egypt during May, according to a report published by the International Development Centre.

The report said Egyptians averaged 42 protests a day and two protests per hour. The report said that the economy was the largest driving force for these demonstrations with 63.7% of the month’s total protests. Political causes made up 31.7% of May’s demonstrations.

Political protests against the deteriorating security in Egypt numbered 108 protests, 27 demonstrations reacting to the kidnapping of conscripts in Sinai, and 26 against perceived infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into state institutions.

Demonstrations driven by economic-related issues included 96 protesting electricity cuts, 53 against lackluster social services, and 43 for environment-related causes.

Average citizens were the largest faction to take part in demonstrations, making up over 28% of those demonstrating in May, while activists made up 16%, followed by factory and company workers at 14%

The report said some protests took violent forms in May, forcefully closing 56 buildings, intrusion on government property in 23 protests, and blockading government buildings in 14 protests.

There was a dramatic decline in the use of marches to demonstrate, with 57 marches recorder in May versus 120 in April. The report said that the blocking of five archaeological sites during the month had negative effects on tourism. 

The findings also categorised the kidnapping of seven Egyptian conscripts in Sinai as a protest for the release of prisoners, adding that the incident was a reflection of the deteriorating security situation in Sinai and the rest of the country.

Out of all the governorates, Cairo hosted the most demonstrations at 18.6% followed by 7% in Alexandria.
May was outmatched by demonstrations in March and April, but Egypt hosted the most demonstrations in the world according to the report, seeing approximately 5,544 protests since 1 January 2013.

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