Saturday, June 29, 2013

Activist sentenced to jail for insulting dictator Morsi

Tunis Afrique Presse

Egypt: Activist Sentenced to Prison for Insulting Mursi

Cairo — A high-profile Egyptian blogger and activist Ahmed Douma was sentenced to six months in jail on Monday for insulting President Mohamed Morsi and circulated false news on television.

Douma, who has been detained since 30 April, was convicted on a number of charges including insulting the president and circulating false news on a television programme.

He had called President Morsi a killer and a criminal, and said that he is wanted by the state.
The court found him guilty, saying that such acts would "undermine state security and terrorise people."

More than 100 of Ahmed Douma's supporters filled the courtroom in a Cairo suburb and chanted slogans against the Islamist president during the hearing.

"It's clear that the government is trying to threaten activists with these cases," said one of his lawyers, Ali Soliman.

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