Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Graffiti artists defend murals near Tahrir with 'Quranic verses'

Ahram Online
Popular pro-revolution graffiti artist, Ammar Abu Bakr, uses Quranic verses to mock Friday Sharia protesters after reports his work was defamed by some demonstrators


Minor clashes erupted in Mohamed Mahmoud Street near Tahrir Square on Friday between revolutionary Graffiti-supporters who gathered to close down the street to protect art work on its wall from potential vandalism, and Salafist demonstrators.

According to an Ahram Online reporter on the ground, dozens of young protesters gathered at Mohamed Mahmoud Street and attempted to form a popular committee to ban Salafists from entering the street.

The clashes allegedly started after rumors circulated that Salafist protesters erased the graffiti of the Egyptian uprising's martyrs on the street and replaced them with Quranic verses.

According to Al-Ahram Arabic news website, the verses were drawn by pro-revolution graffiti artist Ammar Abu Bakr and his partners on Thursday night.

The graffiti artists used Quranic verses to communicate with the Islamists "in their own religious language," according to Abu Bakr.

One illustration mockingly denounced "those who spread immorality around the world," describing the Friday Sharia protesters as shameful.

Thousand of Salafists gathered in Tahrir square Friday to demand a Sharia-based constitution.

*Photo courtesy of AhramOnline

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