Saturday, December 31, 2011

Photos: Walls & battles on Sheikh Rihan Street

DECEMBER 18 - Clashes on Sheikh Rihan Street

On Dec. 18, clashes continued between protesters and security forces/thugs, for the third consecutive day.

After having used lethal force to dispersed the 'Occupy Cabinet' sit-in, the armed forces (on Dec. 17) constructed a massive concrete wall on Qasr el-Aini St. to keep protesters away from parliament and cabinet. Riot-police and military police attacked protesters with live ammunition, rubber bullets/pellets, tear gas, rocks, petrol bombs, and water canons using 'dirty-water.'

DECEMBER 19 - Third wall built, clashes continue on Sheikh Rihan

On the fourth day of street fighting, the armed forces constructed another wall and barriers on Sheikh Rihan St.

While groups of protesters fought-off security forces, other protesters managed to bring down parts of the wall - by dislodging massive blocks of concrete from the barrier.

Riot-police shelter behind iron shields. In five days, security forces killed at least 18 protesters, injured at least 2,000 others, and arrested over 200.

Muslim and Christian activists in a display of unity; expressing unity in their common struggle against the military junta and its crimes.

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