Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photos: Nov. 20 protests & clashes around Tahrir

Youth activists rain rocks upon Central Security Forces on Mohamed Mahmoud Street.

Riot police relentlessly fired rubber pellets, and teargas canisters. The teargas created huge white smoke-clouds which lingered throughout Tahrir and its environs.

Hundreds of protesters and activists fainted, or fell ill, as a result of exposure to the teargas. Nearly all the teargas canisters fired at protesters were made in the USA - gifts to the Egyptian State from the 'peace-loving' Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Makeshift barricades.

Youth activists called for a truce with the riot police. However, the police - as usual - did not hold true to their word. The Central Security Forces resumed firing upon the youth. Naturally, these youths responded by fighting back so as to protect themselves and to hold their ground.

Well prepared photojournalist, Khaled el-Fiqqi, takes his photos near the billowing teargas.

Youth protester hurls a lit Molotov cocktail at the Central Security Forces.

Protesters hurl rocks from behind a burning car - used as a barricade - while a CSF soldier hurls bricks and bottles from a governmental building.

Young activist prays the evening prayer on an Egyptian flag, while his fellow activists rest upon the barricades.

Youth activists celebrated their success in driving back the riot police, military police, and reclaiming Tahrir Square - along with the streets leading to it.

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