Friday, October 28, 2011

Photos: Zurich, Switzerland - "Occupy Paradeplatz"

On October 16 activists worldwide staged protests and actions in solidarity with the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. In Zurich, Switzerland some 2,000 activists protested in the city's financial district.

Swiss activists chose to "Occupy Paradeplatz." A number of banks are located in Paradeplatz, including Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS,) and Credit Suisse amongst others. It is the ideal spot in Zurich to protest against the injustices of the banking system.

Protesters and activists held-up banners denouncing capitalism, and its growing wealth disparities.

Capitalism is a virus.

Activists of all shades and colors attended this protest - including the Swiss Social Democratic Party, the Young Socialists, Trotskyists, Marxists, anarchists, greens, trade unions, members of the Swiss Zeitgeist Movement, along with unaffiliated activists and students.

Swiss protesters saw "Occupy Paradeplatz" as part of a larger global protest movement. The spirit of internationalism was clearly present.

A number of activists donned costumes mocking bankers, capitalists, and the 'super-rich.'

Protester dressed as the 'UBS Monster.'

Despite the large numbers of protesters, "Occupy Paradeplatz" was a peaceful and non-violent event.

The participants did not block the tramways, transport services flowed smoothly through Paradeplatz. The roads were left open, and traffic around the square was not obstructed.

Activists poured into Paradeplatz throughout the day, their numbers swelling in the late afternoon.

By nightfall, a number of the "Occupy Paradeplatz" activists moved their protest site to a nearby park.

Tents were pitched in the park, and the "Occupy Paradeplatz" protest continued for several more days.

A similar protest was staged in Geneva. Further "Occupy Wall Street" style protests are reportedly being planned in Switzerland.

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