Monday, May 31, 2010

Thousands of Egyptians Protest Israeli Piracy

Thousands of outraged Egyptians protested in downtown Cairo today against Israel's criminal acts of piracy, murder, and its siege of Gaza.

Egyptian leftists, Nasserists, liberals, nationalists, Islamists, and non-affiliated activists denounced the Israeli assault upon the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza which left at least nine dead and dozens of others injured.

One hastily prepared protest, involving around 150 individuals, was staged outside the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (starting at 1pm) in which demonstrators chanted against the Egyptian-Israeli siege upon Gaza. Hundreds of police officers and Central Security Forces were deployed around the ministry.

Protesters waved the flags of Palestine, Egypt, and Turkey - Turks suffered the greatest loss of life and injuries in Israel's attack on the Freedom Flotilla.

Protesters chanted slogans against President/Dictator Hosni Mubarak and his Foreign Minister, Ahmed Abul Gheit, whom they accurately described as being Israeli allies. Slogans called for the cancellation of the Camp David Peace Accord, and for the cessation of Egypt's natural gas exports to Israel.

Activists chanted slogans in support of armed resistance against Israeli occupation and the siege on Gaza.

Protesters agreed to stage a more organized demonstration outside the Shoura Council (Consultative Council of Parliament) tomorrow at 1pm - in which they will raise formal demands for the annulment of the Camp David Accord.

Another, much larger, protest was held at the Fath Mosque in Ramsis Square (starting at 8pm.) This protest was organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, who were able to mobilize around 3,000 of their members and sympathizers.

Well over 10,000 police officers, state-security officers, plain-clothed thugs, street patrol police, and Central Security forces were deployed in the vicinity of the mosque.

MB protesters chanted "Palestine is Arabic, Palestine is Islamic." Slogans also denounced USA, Israel, and Arab leaders, while other slogans were more sectarian - promising retribution against the Jews.

These activists also chanted for the release of Mohamed El-Beltagi - an MP from the Muslim Brotherhood on the Freedom Flotilla who was detained by Israeli forces, but later released.

The protest was overwhelmingly dominated by male Islamists, although females could be heard chanting slogans in the rear quarters of the mosque. Police cordoned all these activists into the mosque and prevented them from marching on the streets. Activists and journalists were harassed and threatened with arrest - although no arrests were reported.

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