Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Elton John - Stay Gay, But Boycott Apartheid Israel

Dear Elton John,

I really don't mind if you are flaming gay, and I don't mind if you refer to Jesus Christ as being gay too - that's alright with me.

What is not alright is your performance in Apartheid South Africa (in 1983,) despite the international boycott of that racist state at that time; and what is DEFINITELY not alright is your intention to perform in Apartheid Israel, in June 2010 - despite the current boycott of this racist state.

Yes, Egypt is homophobic, and the cancellation of your concert here was unjust. But what is far more unjust is Israeli Apartheid. This Apartheid system coupled with the military occupation of the West Bank (along with the Golan Heights and Shebaa Farms) and the siege of Gaza are far beyond unjust.

Please don't perform in Tel Aviv - please boycott Apartheid Israel.



The Elton John BDS Song

Deutsche Presse Agentur
Elton John concert banned in Egypt

Cairo, May 02, 2010

(DPA) - Egypt's musician's union on Sunday rejected plans for British singer Elton John to perform a private concert scheduled for May 18, because of his "controversial remarks attacking religions".

"How do we allow a gay, who wants to ban religions, claimed that the prophet Eissa (Jesus) was gay and calls for Middle Eastern countries to allow gays to have sexual freedom," head of the Egyptian Musician Union, Mounir al-Wasimi told DPA.

The pop superstar, 63, stirred controversy after his remarks to US celebrity news magazine Parade in February, where he said "Try being a gay woman in the Middle East - you're as good as dead", after saying he believed Jesus was "gay".

Al-Wasimi said that he has begun coordinating with security bodies to ban John's concert, saying that the union is the only body "authorised to allow performances by foreign singers in Egypt".

In 2008, Elton John performed in the United Arab Emirates to a crowd of more than 13,000 fans.

Although some human rights activists claim homosexuality is spreading in Egypt, the topic is a taboo in the country. In 2008, a lesbian scene in an Egyptian film set in Cairo's slums caused uproar.

In 2001, police raided a "gay" floating disco in Cairo. Around 20 of the 52 arrested were jailed for "habitual debauchery" and "obscene behaviour".

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