Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Man shot dead inside Imbaba Police Station

Daily News Egypt
Man shot dead inside police station

April14, 2014

Hend Kortam

Investigations are underway into the shooting of a man inside a police station on Sunday night at the hands of a non-commissioned policeman.

The incident was followed by tight security measures around Imbaba Police Station. State-run MENA reported that the man was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is considered a terrorist organisation by the Egyptian government.

Ministry of Interior spokesman Hany Abdel Latif said that the man who was killed entered the police station to post bail for a detained friend who was held inside.

However, the victim himself was also wanted, the spokesman added. Abel Latif said the man was identified by the non-commissioned police officer. The two were involved in a fight and the non-commissioned police officer fell to the floor in the struggle.

The victim was shot twice by the non-commissioned policeman who was trying to arrest him, killing him instantly, state-run MENA reported, citing a security source. He was wanted for partaking in a protest and blocking roads.

Giza Director of Security Kamal Al-Dali ordered the detention of the policeman and investigations began Sunday night.

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