Monday, July 22, 2013

July 3, 2013 - Mubarak's Generals Back in Power


Old photograph of General Abdel Fattah al-Sissi shaking hands with Dictator Mubarak. Sissi was serving as Mubarak's Chief of Military Intelligence at the time this photo was taken.

Dictator Morsi promoted Sissi to the top of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) after granting Mubarak's successors - Field Marshall Tantawi & General Sami Annan - a "safe exit" from politics, and also added these two (criminal counter-revolutionaries) to his team of presidential advisers. 

Sissi is the real leader behind the July 3rd "soft coup" against Morsi, and is the de facto chief of the judicial-military junta now running the Egyptian state - in a "temporary" capacity under the interim-presidency of Judge Adly Mansour.

Sissi is now serving as both the deputy prime minister and defense minister; he is the true power-broker and kingmaker/king-breaker at the heart of the July 3rd coup.
The June 30 Uprising - against Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood's dictatorship - was hijacked by General Sissi and his band of Mubarak loyalists in SCAF in the name of the "Egyptian masses."

Our uprising could have grown into a full-fledged "popular revolution" in which we toppled Morsi like we did with Mubarak; But instead millions of Egyptians ran to Sissi and SCAF, calling on them to take over.

However, countless other Egyptians have learned from the January 25 Revolution, are refusing to side with either the SCAF or the Brotherhood's dictatorships.

It is our duty and our responsibility to reclaim the June 30 Uprising from the ruling junta, and to get the January 25 Revolution back on track towards its original goals of - BREAD, FREEDOM, SOCIAL JUSTICE & HUMAN DIGNITY.

Moreover, if we choose - we can bring an end to this destructive cycle of dictators and coups. We can move beyond the pathetic excuse for "representative democracy" - which, in Egypt, resembles a game of musical chairs being played amongst: Mubarak generals & loyalists, Muslim Brotherhood & other reactionary Islamists, and an assortment of opportunist politicians.

We have proven capable of organizing our own direct democracies - in our neighborhood and workplaces - across Egypt.

The Egyptian populace has experimented with neighborhood-based "popular committees," town-councils, self-management of workplaces, worker-cooperatives, and the establishment of independent unions for workers, farmers, students, and even the unemployed.

Ideally, if these unique experiments in direct-democracy and self-organization can be sustained and expanded, then it could be possible to "overgrow the state" and its sham "representative democracy."

We can choose to reclaim our rights, freedoms and democracy from the state, and from all ruling elites who claim to speak in our names.

Or we can chose to hand-over our power, back to the counter-revolutionary generals, the power-hungry sectarian Islamists, the Mubarak-loyalists, the liberal capitalists, and all the other shades of corrupt politicians - so they may continue with their political game of musical chairs at our expense.

The choice is Egypt's.


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