Saturday, June 30, 2012

Egypt: Nullified ballots show revolutionary & funny sides

Egypt Independent
Nullified votes continue to show Egypt's revolutionary and funny sides

Sun. June 17, 2012

Menna Alaa

The campaign to nullify votes, also known as Mobteloon, continued to spread online in order to call people to go to their polling stations and spoil their ballots.

The spoiled ballot papers show Egyptians' creativity in objecting to both presidential candidates. Some voters decided to stick to their revolutionary side and write things like: "Glory to martyrs, down with military rule, the revolution continues."

Others chose to portray their funny side and vote for "Batman" and "Hayatem," a famous Egyptian belly-dancer. Some voters also voted for their former favor candidates like Hamdeen Sabbahi and Mohamed ElBaradei.

The campaign to nullify votes was formed in an attempt to convince people to express their views and to reject a presidential candidate whose authorities are yet to be determined by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces. 

One of the voters chose to spoil her vote by putting a ''Void'' sticker on the ballot paper.
A voter spoiled his vote by writing his beloved one's name: ''I love you a lot, Sara''
Wessam Sherif, a voter, decided to vote for Batman instead of both candidates.
A voter showed his funny side and spoiled his vote by crossing both candidates' names and writing: ''I want Hayatem ( a former famous Egyptian Belly-dancer).
Another voter spoiled her vote and wrote: ''No offense, but the voice of conscience hurts''
Another voter drew an executed revolutionary on top of the ballot paper and wrote: ''The One responsilbe for Camel Battle?'' next to Shafiq's picture and ''Flat tyre'' next to Morsy's
A voter spoiled his vote by writing ''a remnant( flool) dog'' next to Shafiq's picture and ''spare tyre'' next to Morsy's picture.
A voter in PortSaid spoiled his vote and wrote: '' Glory to martyrs, down with military rule, the revolution continues''
Another voter spoiled his/her vote by using a marker and writing: ''You can't feel safe with two groups, Ikhwan and SCAF''
Another spoiled vote had: ''I will not choose between a killer and a traitor. Down with military rule, glory to martyrs''
A voter chose to show some sarcasm on his ballot paper and say: ''Both choices are so excellent, I couldn't choose from between them. Thank you, SCAF''
Another voter spoiled his vote by giving it to El Baradei and wrote: ''No constitution or elections under military rule. Boycotting is justified Shafiq and I will not give my vote to someone who sold us out for the fake democratic Parliament. Down with military rule, glory to martyrs''.

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