Saturday, January 28, 2012

“B For Bendetta” steers laugh at expense of the FJP

Bikya Masr
“B For Bendetta” steers an online laugh in Egypt at the expense of the FJP

January 21, 2012

Manar Ammar

CAIRO: Egyptian online activists started a mockery campaign on Twitter over a recent Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) newspaper headline that read “Anarchists “Bendetta’s” mask leads chaos on January 25,” writing “Bendetta” instead of “Vendetta.”

A hashtag #BforBendetta mocking the spelling has trended on Twitter, as tweeps make jokes at the expense of the party.

The FJP is the political arm of Egypt’s powerful Muslim Brotherhood, and recently came on top of the first parliamentary elections in the country, gaining a leading role in the future of Egypt.

@SaraHKhaled wrote “#BforBendetta Remember Remember the Fifth of NoBember,” while

@gr33ndata Tarek Amr wrote, “The name is the Breedome and Bustice Party.”

Host of ON TV’s al-Bernameg, Bassem Youssef @DrBassemYoussef , wrote: “Watch out for Bendetta! Damn you free education.”

Some pro-military rule groups have recently started a scare campaign against anarchists activists, portraying them as an evil group aiming to bring down the state.

A previous scare campaign against the liberals, led by political Islamists, has worked. Its results are manifested in the results of the parliamentary elections.

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