Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Four Demos Outside Egyptian Parliament

There are (as of Tuesday night - March 2) four ongoing demonstrations and sleep-in protests outside Parliament and the Shoura Council.

1) Dozens of disabled persons and their families have been sleeping-in outside Parliament for their fourth night. At least three are now on hunger strike. These protesters, on their crutches and in their wheelchairs, are demanding governmental housing units, employment opportunities or the provision of kiosks, and medical assistance.

2) Immediately next to them, on the same sidewalk, around 100 workers from the Nubariya Company for Agricultural and Engineering Services are in their second day of protest. They are demanding the re-operation of their privatized company - from which they have been locked for the past two years.

The Ministry of Manpower and the General Union for Agricultural Workers has provided the company's 230 workers with emergency funds (amounting to the workers' basic salaries) for nine months out of the past 24 months.

3) Over 200 worker from Ahmonseto Textile Company have been sleeping-in outside the Shoura Council for the second consecutive day. Around 1,200 workers at this company have been unemployed and with no source of income (save the occasional, and meager, monetary assistance from the Ministry of Manpower) since the company's owner Adel Agha fled the country (and a lengthy prison sentence) around two years ago.

4) Around 20 protesting workers from El Nil Company for Printing and Binding arrived in Cairo today from the Tenth of Ramadan Industrial City where they protested outside a bank (Al-Masraf Al-Mutahhid) which now controls much of their company's assets. The company's original owner went bankrupt nearly one year ago.

Having failed to secure any concessions from the bank, these workers are now sleeping-in for their first night on the sidewalk across the Shoura Council.

Around 145 workers managed to continue production at this company through a system of self-management for a duration of four months. However, they have not been able to sustain their piecework for the past four months.

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