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Venezuelan Experiments in Workers' Self-Management

This clip reminds of Naomi Klein's The Take about factory take-overs & workers' self-management in Argentina (2004 release.)

These practical examples of workers' self-management - whether in Argentina, Venezuela, or Egypt - are truly inspiring.


Venezuela Sanitarios Maracay Workers Assembly
21st Century Socialism in Action
Posted 2007

Sanitarios Maracay, a factory in Venezuela under workers control holds a workers assembly, to discuss and vote on issues surrounding their campaign for 100percent nationalisation. Topics covered include the previous boss's acts of sabotage, logistics of workers control, and socialism of the 21st century. These workers are at the forefront of the revolution and have gained international support.

Sanitarios Maracay
Wikipedia entry

Sanitarios Maracay is a ceramic bathroom products factory, located in Aragua, Venezuela. It currently is operating under worker's control, meaning all workers receive equal compensation and have equal control over the workings of the company, without any higher level of management. The previous owner, after years of conflict with workers regarding salary and conditions, had attempted to close the factory. It was occupied and re-opened by workers on November 16, 2006, and put back into production, nevertheless its website is not working yet.

This example of a small company in Venezuela has garnered considerable attention worldwide, as it is a practical application of full worker's control (where in a truly democratic fashion all decisions are made, and the running of the company is fully in the control of employees), which is seen as a fundamental requirement of true socialism, as opposed to state socialism, where the state runs industry on behalf of the population.

Sanitarios Maracay is currently petitioning for nationalisation of the company and full recognition of their desired state as a company under worker's control, but they have not get any answer by Venezuelas's national government so far.

*Workers Control at Venezuela’s Sanitarios Maracay under Attack

*Sanitarios Maracay, a first balance-sheet of an heroic struggle

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